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Vauhxx Booker

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A Black man Vauhxx Bookerin Indiana says that 5 white men try to lynch and claim that the public beach he is on is private. In the movie, they called him “diaper head” and allegedly called “white power”.

Saying that they beat him to a tree, he says “buy a noose”

Vauhxx Booker Age

He is 36 years old

Vauhxx Booker Viral Video

Part of the incident was captured in the video that Monroe County Human Rights Commission member Booker shared on Facebook. The post was shared more than 84,000 times.

“In his phone conversation with IndyStar, 36-year-old Booker should focus on bringing these people to justice immediately to send a message to our community that hatred will not be tolerated,” he said.

Capt Jet Quillen responded to IndyStar with an email from the Indiana Natural Resources Department, on Saturday night, when law enforcement officials reported the attack. They did not provide any other information about what they found at the scene or possible arrests.

Nobody has been arrested yet, Booker’s lawyer said on Monday.

Monroe County Prosecution did not immediately respond to IndyStar’s request for comment. Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton and Clerk Nicole Bolden voiced “anger and grief” about the incident in a Facebook post.

Booker said that he and some of his friends were on Lake Monroe just south of Bloomington and watched a lunar eclipse when a group of white men claimed they were entering private property without permission. According to Booker, one of the men was wearing a hat with the Confederate flag.

Booker said he apologized. When he and some of his friends later talked to the group to “fix things”, he said five white men attacked him.

Booker has released a series that looks like cell phone videos of the event. The videos contain strong language and gestures.

A clip shows a white man in a red shirt fixing or holding Booker against a tree. While someone outside the camera can be heard shouting “let him go”, the man holding the other man turns to the camera and tells them to go. The other man and a woman are all white, next to the man in the tree and yelling. At some point, a shirtless man tries to take the camera out of the person shooting the video.

Another video calls the same shirtless man off the camera as “diaper head (extensive)”. The off-camera man said, “What do you really mean to me?” and the shirtless man repeats the statement.

The shirtless man in another video clip shouts “You invaded us” and says to another man “stupid (comprehensive) liberal (comprehensive)”.

During Scuffle, Booker said that someone was yelling “let noose” and threatened to break someone else’s arms. The Confederate flag, noose and arm breaking comments were not seen or heard in the published videos, but Booker said there were several witnesses.

Booker said that he had a small concussion, cut, bruised and removed some of his hair.

“I am trembling to think that if these other people were not there, we would have planned a memorial service,” Booker Bloomington lawyer Katharine Liell said. Said.

Liell said he was confident that the attackers would be arrested.

“I really believe Vauhxx would have been killed by those animals if people were not there,” Liell said. Said. “I believe these people have been lynching in their minds.”

According to Quillen with DNR, a final report will be forwarded to Monroe County Procuratorate.

IndyStar asked for public documents and reports about the incident.

In a statement, Monday to the mayor of Bloomington, Facebook, President Hamilton and Clerk Bolden voiced “anger and grief” about the Lake Monroe change and another July 4 incident in which a Black man was detained in his neighborhood by a deputy from the neighboring county.

Incident Invistigation

Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources is investigating an apparently racially motivated assault on a Black man at Lake Monroe on Saturday.

“The Indiana Department of Natural Resources Law enforcement division can confirm our officers responded to this call for service,” Capt. Jet Quillen of the DNR said Monday.

“The incident is under investigation and the final report will be forwarded to the Monroe County prosecutor’s office upon completion,” he said.

Bloomington resident Vauhxx Booker says several White men attacked him and shouted racial epithets during an outing near Lake Monroe.

“I was attacked by five white men, who literally threatened to lynch me in front of numerous witnesses,” Booker said in an interview Monday.

“Looking back now, it’s apparent that these individuals began targeting our group the moment they saw myself, a Black man, and were looking to provoke a conflict,” he said.

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