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Veronique Monguillot
Veronique Monguillot

Veronique Monguillot Wiki – Veronique Monguillot Biography

The wife of Philippe Monguillot, Veronique, and the three daughters of the couple joined thousands of people on Wednesday evening in Bayonne, south of France, while wearing white and walking on the streets.

The wife of a French bus driver, who left her brain dead after the gang of passengers, insisted on wearing face masks and said that she would ‘take revenge on my husband’ while joining 6,000 protesters who wanted justice.

Veronique Monguillot Age

Mr. Monguillot was  58 years old, was savagely beaten after he tried to enforce coronavirus rules on the bus in Bayonne on Sunday, in an attack which has caused outrage in France.

Veronique Monguillot Children

The Monguillots are the parents of three daughters aged 18, 21 and 24, and they are being supported by friends and colleagues who have set up a support group.

Veronique Monguillot Died by Gand Attack

In March on Wednesday, Ms. Monguillot took a photo of her with the tough driver above her head, while her daughters held large bouquets of white flowers.

They were at the head of the group of thousands of supportive Bayonne residents gathering the streets of the town.

Ms. Monguillot said: ‘I will fight until the end, I have power in me, almost no tears. I’m angry and I’ll go. I’m not afraid, justice is with me. Justice will help me avenge my husband. ‘

Bus drivers in other French cities such as Paris, Strasbourg, and Bordeaux observed silence at 19.30. Some of his colleagues refuse to return to work until Mr. Monguillot’s funeral.

Suspect Charge & Arrest

The march came a day after two men, 22 and 23, were charged with the murder attempt after an attack on Mr. Monguillot.

Arresting the other two with less charges, prosecutors said men violently kicked and punched the upper part of his body, including the ‘head’.

Mr. Monguillot’s 18-year-old daughter Marie said to Sud Ouest, ‘I know my father’s breathing, not the ventilator … it’s over.’

Describing the events on Sunday night, prosecutor Marc Mariee said at a press conference that three people initially rode the bus near Bayonne train station with a dog.

At the next stop, a fourth person joined them, at which point the driver went to check his ticket – and told the four men to put on their masks.

“ There were insults and then he attacked. The bus driver was pushed out of the bus, ” he said.

Two of the men allegedly punched and kicked the driver, who the prosecutor called an ‘extreme violence’ attack.

While one person was arrested at the scene, four others were detained in an apartment in Bayonne, but one of them was later released.

In addition to the two attempted murders, the other two are accused of not helping an endangered person, while one of them is accused of trying to hide a suspect.

The names of the two murder suspects have police records. All four are in custody.

Mr. Monguillot was unconscious when the emergency services arrived, and his wife said that their attack was ‘destroyed within a few seconds’.