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Wendell Sanchez
Wendell Sanchez

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A man accused of raping and impregnating an eleven-year-old girl was arrested after fleeing the hospital after leaving the victim there. The boy was found pregnant by doctors at the hospital, who later informed the police; however, the officers fled before they could catch Sanchez. According to reports, the incident took place on Sunday, October 18, when the 34-year-old defendant took his victim to the hospital’s emergency room after complaining of abdominal pain. Sanchez waited outside in his four-wheeled vehicle while paramedics looked after the girl. Lawmakers from the Ascension Congregation Sheriff’s Office said they were sent to the hospital after receiving a tip that an underage girl was pregnant and allegedly her father was Sanchez, as reported by the WAFB.

Wendell Sanchez Arrest & Charge

However, as the police took action to arrest the suspect, he escaped with his car before getting out of his car and driving to a local apartment complex. Later, lawmakers reportedly received assistance from the Gonzales Police Department and found Sanchez hiding on a patio. Lawmakers said he was also present while carrying drugs and drug equipment at the time of his arrest. The defendant was held in Ascension Congregation Prison with a $ 540,000 bond. Sanchez was also slapped on a number of charges including first degree rape of a victim under the age of 13, resisting an officer, possession of a program II CDS, drug equipment, criminal violations, simple criminal damage to property, possession of marijuana, illegal. Use of a controlled hazardous substance in the presence of a person under the age of 17, the creation of a secret laboratory, no driver’s license and no tail lights.

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In another incident, it was alleged that three young children raped their 12-year-old cousins ​​for a period of five months. People found out that the tragic incident occurred in the Navsari region of the Indian state of Gujarat and the girl became pregnant. Little was raped by one of his cousins ​​while alone at home. She later told her two other cousins ​​who allegedly raped her after threatening her not to reveal the situation to her mother. All of those accused are under the age of 18, ”he said. BS Mori, Navsari Deputy Police Inspector said, “The girl had a stomach ache and was then taken to the hospital. During the examination, the doctors told the mother that the girl was four months pregnant. The girl then reported the incident to her mother. ”

Mori also said that because all suspects are under the age of 18, they are all held under the Child Sexual Offenses Protection (POCSO) Act. With all three defendants free, investigators launched a search operation to capture them. In this incident, another little girl in the same area was allegedly raped by her cousin’s friend. The alleged crime happened on October 3, which included the 13-year-old victim. Mori said, “On October 3, the defendant took the girl to a secluded place on her motorcycle. The defendant then raped her and had her photo taken with her mobile phone, which she later shared on social media. She learned about the girl’s relative. She asked the girl, who had revealed the suffering, through a relative. . “