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Wesley Allen Beeler
Wesley Allen Beeler

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Wesley Allen Beeler is a 31-year-old man from Virginia who was arrested by the US Capitol Police while trying to cross a police checkpoint in the locked area of Washington, DC. The arrest came on Friday, January 15, when Allen was arrested with “unauthorized” unauthorized identification documents, an unregistered pistol, and 500 bullets, according to court documents.


Wesley Allen stopped at the checkpoint just north of the Capitol building on Friday less than 6:30 pm, according to a police statement made public on Saturday, and presented his identity document “not authorized to enter the restricted area.”

Beeler was released on Saturday after a brief trial at the Supreme Court in Washington DC. A law enforcement official said investigators did not see him as a threat to public safety.

When police asked Beeler if he was carrying any weapons, Beeler told them there was a Glock semi-automatic pistol in the center armrest, according to the court document stating that the gun was loaded.

Wesley Allen Beeler Arrested

According to an incident report provided by the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC, the police received 509 rounds of ammunition, shotgun bullets, and a magazine for the pistol as well as the pistol. It was stated in the report that, among other crimes, he was arrested for unregistered possession of firearms and unregistered ammunition.

A statement issued Saturday called the credentials “unauthorized.” Capitol Police spokesperson Eva Malecki said Beeler presented a “non-government certification”.

Beeler appeared at the hearing via videoconferencing, wearing a dark jacket and a face mask. He only spoke briefly, and once asked a judge if he understood the circumstances of his release, he said “yes, ma’am.” He is scheduled to return to court in June 2020.

He was ordered to stay out of DC, except for personal court appointments and meetings with his lawyer. Government prosecutors did not object to his release under these circumstances.

In an interview, Beeler’s mother, Charlotte Beeler, said that her son has been working in the armed guard and has been working in the Capitol area for the past few days.