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Wesley Streete
Wesley Streete

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Wesley Streete, 20, denies raping and murdering her as well as sexually assaulting three other girls. Keeley Bunker’s body was found hidden under branches in a pool in woodland in Tamworth, Staffordshire, on 19 September 2019.

Wesley Streete Age

He is 19 years old.

Wesley Streete Background

Hallam continues to blame more and says that Streete ‘has a long history of doing non-consensual acts on young women’.

He said the accused alleged that “the incidents complained of did not take place or were based on consent.” Hallam adds: “In doing so he repeats Keeley Bunker’s approach to death, first claiming that there is no sexual activity, and then he claims to be in consent.”

Hallam, who will return to the earliest alleged crime, said in 2015 that Streete followed a minor girl in the toilet, locked the door and tried to force a sex act. Hallam says he caught the same girl a few days later and lowered his hand to the victim’s pants without his consent.

In 2017, Streete tried to “push himself” to another underage girl who repeatedly said “let’s have sex” and keep her under her clothes, Mr. Hallam tried. But the girl felt “uncomfortable” and said to her, “No, no, leave me.”

Mr. Hallam, Streete, said he tried to have sexual intercourse before the girl pushed him and claimed that he had the text saying that his mother should go home.

Hallam tells the jury that another girl accused Streete of having non-consensual sex in 2019.

He said the defendant dropped his hands on his pants, but withdrew saying, ‘No Wes, I don’t want to have sex.’ However, she continued to take off her clothes and began to have sex with her.

“She admitted that she did not agree to say no to sexual intercourse, and Hallam said, although it was best for her to give her safety.” When the incident was reported to the police, the girl told them that Streete “did not show violence or threats to her, but pressured her to have sex”.

Mr. Hallam continues to say that Streete claims he was carrying her shortly before Ms. Bunker stumbled forward and slammed her head into a door.

The defendant said he thought he was not breathing and was dead, but was very afraid to call an ambulance. Although he never wanted to harm him, he thought it was his fault.

Hallam tells the jury that Streete’s accounts are a “lie”.

‘Streete changed his story many times,’ said Hallam. Keeley Bunker confessed his existence when he died in December last year, but he denied that sexual intercourse occurred.

In a defense statement until June this year, however, Streete said there was sexual activity but agreed to consent.

He then claimed that he was walking towards the park and jumped on his back in the form of a “piggy”.

Wesley Streete Arrest & Charge

Streete was remanded in custody to appear at Stafford Crown Court on Wednesday