Who is Amber Fiedler ( American Idol) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who is Amber Fiedler ( American Idol) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Amber Fiedler Wiki

Amber Fiedler She was probably born in 1997 because she is 23 years old and recently participated in many community plays. Acting, singing, and dancing are your favorite buzzes, and you probably think that without theater and acting your life is a miserable thing. Based on his FB profile, he moved to Idaho, Washington Stateline from Rathdrum, Idaho and currently lives in Spirit Lake, Idaho. Fielder attends Priset River Lamanna High School and appeared in movies and many stage musicals. In addition to this, he also shares his version of famous songs on his Instagram and YouTube.

Pregnant woman Amber Fiedler is getting praised after her audition aired on American Idol season 18.

Amber Fiedler Early Life

She has suffered a lot and her past life and history is bittersweet because she had been through so much pain and financial crisis in her childhood. She grew up with her grandmother because her mother was addicted to drugs and stuff. Despite being pregnant, she thinks she probably isn’t ready for a mother’s homework because she couldn’t give her everything she wants. So you are going to find a family that will fulfill all your wishes and pour out your love on it and it would be an open adoption. It is a little relief for her because her mother has been clean for four years and they are trying to rebuild their relationship.

Amber Fiedler American Idol Season 18

However, her life is going to change completely the other way around from now on because she just made it in her audition last night on American Idol. Amber performed “Trust in Me” by Etta James and with her voice and powerful tone, capable of reaching Hollywood. Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and even Luke Bryan amazed and praised her ability. Not only judges, but many viewers already considered her as one of the strong contenders to win this season’s title. Katy said:

“We’re here to support you through this process. You’re not alone! Really big shot at going very far if you want to. Maybe you’re not ready to be a mom, but you are ready to become an American Idol.”

Amber just gave her emotional performance at 20th, although it was horrible. She is undoubtedly an exceptional singer, but her song choice was not up to scratch. Many viewers already see it as the Top 10 material, but this could put its place in jeopardy after the recent performance of “Good Kisser.” According to the news and the source, Amber Fiedler made a solo performance and advanced to the top 40 list for the upcoming rounds. Although it was not shown in the episode, one thing is clear: new talents would emerge in the coming days. Right now. Due to pandemic coronavirus, shooting stops and no one knows when it will resume, but we will keep you updated if news is released.

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