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Amy Deeley was living the ‘perfect life’ after doing well in her employment and becoming engaged.

The heartbroken family of a bride-to-be who took her own life after becoming ‘overwhelmed with anxiety’ is campaigning for young women to speak up about their mental health issues, as well as better access to support services.

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He was 25 years old.

Amy Deeley Mother Sharon Deeley

Mom Sharon Deeley, 61, said: ‘Amy was the most selfless person you could wish to meet. “ I was very close to my daughter and I thought I understood her, but she was facing demons in her own mind that nobody knew. “She was anxious for all kinds and, although her manager supported her, she worried about losing her job.

‘I can’t change it for Amy now, but I want other young people to know there is always someone to turn to.

‘If there is anything positive that can come out of this, it is helping other young people find the support they need, more quickly.’

Amy was fired from work at the North General Hospital in Sheffield with little humor when she was discovered at her home in the city on June 13. Ms. Deeley, sales office manager, told the investigation that her daughter was afraid of losing her job for violating the NHS trust illness policy and had financial concerns after agreeing to reduce her hours. She said: ‘I was worried about losing her job. I was worried about being out.

Amy Deeley was engaged to her partner of four years, Joe Caswell


Amy, who got engaged to her four-year-old partner, Joe Caswell, in Mexico in 2017, would marry in 2021. Days before his death, he spoke with a doctor by phone and asked for an extension of the disease note. Dr. Saira Khan said that Amy “was overwhelmed by her anxiety” and that “she was connected the wrong way.” The GP added: “He didn’t mention that the job was making her feel depressed, but when she had free time she felt she was a little stressed from the job.” Amy was found by Mr. Caswell when he forced entry into his house after arguing last night.

Mrs. Deeley told the investigation: ‘She was beautiful. Joe proposed to her in Mexico. ‘They had been together for four years, had a house and were eager to get married. “But she was struggling with her mood and was worried about things.” Amy had been scheduled for an individual mental health appointment scheduled a few days after the tragedy. He had told NHS therapists in a telephone consultation three weeks before his death that he was “struggling with worry.” Rose Clark of the Improving access to psychological treatment service said: “ I was really worried about everything. “It seemed to happen since I had been fired from work and had the free time to think about things.” Ms. Deeley told the investigation that she believed her daughter intended to take her own life. She said: “ I feel that she simply decided and something occurred to her that she was going to end that. “The void is so immense that she played a very important role in people’s lives.” Katie Lonsdale, one of Amy’s close friends who is now raising funds for the MIND mental health charity, said: “ Amy’s nature was always to put others first, especially with her work in the palliative care unit. .

‘Amy was always the first to support you at any time of need, she was undeniably reliable in any scenario. ‘From the perspective of a stranger, Amy had it all: the’ perfect life. ‘ The investigation in Sheffield recorded a suicide verdict. Chris Morley, head of nursing at the NHS Foundation of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, said the team had been “devastated” by Amy’s death and that they had tried to support her with flexible work as well as access to services of support for well-being. He said: “ A few days before she died, she had been with colleagues enjoying a party and seemed happy, so the news of her death was a big surprise. “Our thoughts are with Amy’s family at this very sad time.” Suicide rates among women between the ages of 10 and 24 soared at an astonishing 83 percent from 2013 to 2018, according to the National Statistics Officer published in September. Among children of the same age group, rates increased by a quarter between 2017 and 2018. The figures also showed that suicide rates in general increased for the first time in seven years. A total of 6,507 suicides were recorded in 2018, which represents an increase of 11% compared to 2017. The executive director of the Samaritans, Ruth Sutherland, said at the time: “ Each of these deaths is a tragedy that devastates families, friends and communities. “While the overall increase has only been seen this year, and we hope it is not the beginning of a longer-term trend, it is crucial to have a better understanding of why there has been such an increase.” ‘We know that suicide is not inevitable; It is preventable and encouraging measures have been taken to prevent suicide, but we must consider suicide as a serious public health problem. ”