Who is Bus Driver Emeka Nyack? : Emeka Nyack Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Family, Career, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who is Bus Driver Emeka Nyack? : Emeka Nyack Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Family, Career, Many More Facts You Need To Know
Who is Bus Driver Emeka Nyack? : Emeka Nyack Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Family, Career, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Emeka Nyack Wiki

Emeka Nyack, 36, who drove the number four bus from Blackfriars to Archway, succumbed to the disease on Saturday after fighting it for more than two weeks.

Emeka Nyack a London bus driver who died of coronavirus after warning that his vehicle was unsafe has revealed that her son’s heartbreaking final words were ‘I’m not going to make it, mum.’

Mr Nyack is one of 10 London Transport workers who have died from covid-19, Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, announced last night.

Emeka Nyack Age

He was 36 years old.

Emeka Nyack Family

His mother launched a stinging attack on City Hall for failing to provide adequate safety equipment to protect workers from the disease.

Emeka Nyack, 36, sits in the cab of a bus with his son, Makiah

Mr Nyack’s mother, Anne, 62, right, and sister Jessica, 25, centre, have blamed Sadiq Khan

Emeka Nyack Death

Mr Nyack was rushed to hospital last month with coronavirus and put into an induced coma. He appeared to recover and was released to recuperate at home, but collapsed and died on Saturday.

Eight bus drivers have died of coronavirus so far in London, as well as another in Bristol.

The victims included Said Musse and garage supervisor Paul Aheto, both of whom were employed by Metroline, which has been widely criticised for its poor safety provisions, though the company disputes this.

Father-of-five Nadir Nur, 48, of HCT Group, who drove the 394 bus between Islington and Hackney, and Rodolfo Silva, who was employed by Go-Ahead London, were also among the dead.

Family Statement

She told MailOnline: ‘Sadiq Khan should have protected my son. I hold him responsible for what happened. I want to say it clearly, in bold. “It is devastating that these drivers work so hard to serve the public, take NHS staff to work, and send them to risk their lives on dirty unprotected buses.” The mayor’s own father was a bus driver. I just don’t understand how it can fail to protect the people who keep our country going. ‘ Loved ones of other transportation personnel who have succumbed to the virus also criticized the lack of protective equipment issued to essential workers. London bus driver Nadir Nur, 48, was described by his widow Bishara Maye as a “dedicated and hard-working father” who took his duty as an essential worker seriously, but she said he was not protected. She said: ‘Nadir and his colleagues had no PPE (personal protective equipment) at all. They worked on the front line without any protection against this aggressive deadly virus. ‘PPE must be available to bus drivers who risk their lives every day, to put food on the table and pay the bills. Bus drivers are doing their part for the country, we should protect them. ”

Mr Khan released a video last night where he announced 10 deaths, including eight bus workers, one TfL employee and one member of London Underground staff.

The mayor acknowledged that these front line workers had not been issued with PPE, but said that City Hall was following advice from Public Health England (PHE).

Before his death, Mr Nyack – who suffered from mild asthma – had told colleagues that he was worried about the poor hygiene on the buses and the lack of protection for staff.

Drivers were sent to work with no masks or gloves and the vehicles were not cleaned properly, he said.

Mrs Nyack, 62, wrote to her son’s employers, Metroline, last month, warning them of the danger and begging them to address these concerns. But although she received a supportive reply, no action was taken.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, she said: ‘My son didn’t go out anywhere that was risky. He just went from home to work and back again. It was a mundane routine but he loved it, and did it in a professional way.

‘He didn’t choose to be out there risking his life like some idiots who ignore the warnings. He was doing the job he loved to help the country get through this.’

She said the family had been desperate to stay with him in his last moments, but were not allowed.

‘He died on his own, with nobody to hold his hand,’ she said. ‘When he collapsed the paramedics threw us out of the room, we weren’t even able to say goodbye. My son’s not going to have parents’ evening any more. It’s just so sad.’

Fast Facts You Need To Know

  • Emeka Nyack died on Saturday four days after being discharged from hospital
  • His mother, Anne, said he had stayed at home as much as possible to avoid catching the disease 
  • The 36-year-old had previously told colleagues of his concerns over dirty buses and lack of protective equipment
  • His mother, who had written to his employer, Metroline, to raise safety concerns, said her son had taken no risks but was simply ‘doing the job he loved’
  • Metroline said that Public Health England guidelines were being followed