Who is Corey La Barrie? ( Youtube Star Died) Wiki, Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who is Corey La Barrie? ( Youtube Star Died) Wiki, Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Family
Who is Corey La Barrie? ( Youtube Star Died) Wiki, Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Family

Corey La Barrie Wiki – Corey La Barrie Bio

Corey La Barrie was Youtube star has died in a car accident on her birthday while driving with Ink Master star Daniel Silva on Sunday night, according to TMZ. I was 25 years old.

La Barrie moved to Los Angeles and managed to build a large following as an influential comedian on social media. His YouTube channel with Crawford Collins, Corey & Crawford has 104,000 subscribers. His personal channel had accumulated 334 thousand subscribers. On Instagram, La Barrie had 192,000 followers.

Corey La Barrie Age

Corey La Barrie was 25 years old at the age of death.

Corey La Barrie Family

La Barrie has two brothers, a sister named Jessica and a younger brother, Jarrad, who shared an emotional commemorative message on her Instagram page confirming suspicions that Silva was intoxicated while driving on the night of Macy’s 10th. Jarrad wrote: “This is not something I thought I would have to sit here and write for a long time or what I want to do right now, but everyone deserves to know that my brother Corey passed away last night in a car accident.” with his drunk friend driving … this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I don’t know how I’m supposed to do this without you.

Corey La Barrie Girlfriend

Barrie liked to keep his personal life private, therefore information about his love life is not available. Therefore, it is not known whether he was married or has children. She is a simple person and likes to keep her personal affairs away from the public, making it difficult to follow her love life. By looking at many factors, like his age and attractive physical appearance, Nick could be hooking up with someone we don’t have details about yet. We are yet to verify this information. This section is still under review and will be updated as soon as it is available.

Corey La Barrie Death & Accident

Police told the news outlet that the two men were driving in a McLaren sports vehicle and “somehow collided with a street sign and tree.” The passenger took the brunt of the blow. ” La Barrie and Silva were transported north to a hospital in Los Angeles by the first responders. While Silva was treated for a hip fracture, La Barrie succumbed to his injuries. “Ink Master” star Daniel Silva is about to be arrested for murder after police said he was involved in a car accident that killed YouTuber Corey La Barrie … who died on his birthday. Police sources tell TMZ … the first responders were called to the scene of an accident in Los Angeles on Sunday night, where two men in a McLaren sports car somehow crashed into a street sign and a tree as they went out to drive. The passenger received the worst part of the blow.

We are told that the driver, who was allegedly Silva, did not suffer life-threatening injuries in the accident, but the passenger, La Barrie, did. Both were transported to a hospital, where the YouTube star was pronounced dead. Our sources say Silva is still being treated for a hip fracture and that he will be arrested for murder there or once he is released. As for how this happened … we were told that witnesses reported to police at a party both Silva and La Barrie had attended earlier in the evening to celebrate Corey’s birthday. Our sources say that people told police that Silva was seen drinking earlier that night. The McLaren is believed to have been traveling at high speed before the crash, but we have no other details on what led to the crash.

The news of La Barrie’s death came as a devastating shock to his friends and followers. Most of his followers were still wishing him “Happy Birthday” on Twitter before learning the tragic news. One user online tweeted, “No, it can’t be true. If it is, I can’t thank you enough [for] what you have done for me, Corey. You will FOREVER have a place in my heart. Man idk what to say. I’m sorry to his family and friends.”


The circumstances leading up to the car crash is still being investigated by authorities. Police told TMZ that La Barrie and Silva were at the YouTuber’s birthday party earlier that evening. Silva is expected to be booked for murder once he’s discharged from the hospital or while still a patient. Witnesses told police that Silva, who has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and his own popular YouTube channel, was drinking at the party before heading out with La Barrie.