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Don Reed Wiki- Don Reed Bio

Former presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, announced Thursday that her older brother Don Reed Herring died Tuesday of the coronavirus. He was 86 years old.

Mr. Herring was a veteran of the Air Force and spent more than five years serving in Vietnam, seeing some combat there. Mrs. Warren remembered him as “charming and funny, a natural leader.”

Don Reed Age

He was 86 years old.

Elizabeth Warren Statement

When she was running for president, Warren spoke often of her brothers. Her three older brothers were featured in a campaign ad that ran earlier this year when she was still seeking the Democratic nomination. Two of her brothers attended a campaign rally in her hometown of Oklahoma City, but Herring was not in attendance.

Warren, who was a Democratic presidential candidate earlier this year, tweeted the sad news on Thursday.

“My oldest brother, Don Reed, died from coronavirus on Tuesday evening. He joined the Air Force at 19 and spent his career in the military, including five and a half years off and on in combat in Vietnam. He was charming and funny, a natural leader.”

Herring was the oldest of four siblings in the family, of which Warren is the youngest, People reported.

Don Reed Career

According to the Boston Globe, Herring was a 20-year veteran of the United States Air Force. He attended the University of Oklahoma and, before graduating, enlisted in the Air Force. Altogether, Reed carried out 288 combat missions in Vietnam. In February, he was hospitalized for pneumonia. Years before, he had been diagnosed with cancer and underwent treatment. According to The Boston Globe, Herring was transferred to intensive care at Norman Regional Hospital on April 15. He passed away on April 21. Warren’s three older brothers, Don, John and David, all lived (and the last two continue to live) quiet lives in Oklahoma, where Warren grew up. When the Boston Globe visited Oklahoma in early 2020 in an attempt to interview Don Reed, “he declined to comment.”


Around that time, a poll showed almost a third of Warren’s supporters as believing that her ability to lead the military was a weakness. According to The Washington Examiner, Warren’s response was, “You know, I have three brothers who are in the military, and I know how much our military families sacrifice.”

She continued, “I believe the principal job of the commander in chief is to keep America safe. And I think that’s about judgment. I think it starts with knowing our military. I sit on the Senate Armed Services Committee. I work with our generals, with our military leaders, with our intelligence, but I also visit our troops.”

In a separate interview, Warren expressed that while she invited all three of her brothers to be more active in her campaign, they felt “it is not their world.”