Who is Gabriel Romero ? Wiki, Bio, Age, Shooter, Family, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who is Gabriel Romero ? Wiki, Bio, Age, Shooter, Family, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Gabriel Romero

Gabriel Romero was identified as an American sailor who shot three civil defense personnel at the Pearl Harbor shipyard, 2 people died. Another victim is being treated at a local hospital. Romero then shot himself with shots.

Gabriel Romero Age

Gabriel was 22 years old.

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Shooting

Text alerts and the public address system alerted personnel at the base of the shooting and ordered them to be covered. About an hour after the incident began, the situation was still “exposed.” At approximately 3:30 am local time, authorities said the suspect had been “rescued.” A shipyard worker told Honolulu Civil Beat that he heard an emergency siren approaching at 2 pm, but I did not receive a text alert from the Department of Defense until an hour later.

The shooting at Pearl Harbor occurred three days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, which led the United States to join World War II. On December 7, 1941, Japanese bombers attacked Pearl Harbor. A total of 1,177 people died in the United States, Arizona. The attack forced the United States to declare war on Japan. Soon after, the United States declared war on Germany. The shooting occurred approximately one mile from the location of the National Monument.

Gabriel Romero Was an Active-Duty Sailor

The army identified the armed man as a US Navy patrol officer. UU. 22 years assigned to the USS Columbia. His name is Gabriel Romero, according to Air News Now. Columbia is a Los Angeles-class submarine, which means it is a high-speed nuclear-powered submarine. At the time of the attack, Colombia was in a dry position for rehabilitation. The base has 10 destroyers and 15 submarines, including Colombia. It is the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet of the US Navy. UU.


Shortly after the closure was completed, military bases wrote on Twitter: “The Pearl Harbor Hickam Joint Base authorities reported on the shooting at the Pearl Harbor Naval Courtyard. A person has been confirmed dead. The shooter is identified as an American sailor. # Pearl Harbor ” Romero was on duty during the shooting and used his service weapon, authorities said. Lucas Tomlinson of Fox News reports that Romero used an M4 service rifle to shoot the three men. Romero was shot in the head with his M9 service gun, according to an incident report obtained by Fox News. A motive for the shooting has not been released and it is not yet known whether the victims were attacked or shot at random

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