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Greff Schoof

Greff Schoof Wiki

Greff Schoof is the American proprietor, and director of the defunct Christian Amazing Grace radio station has been arrested for disturbing public order, police have said. Schoof had convened an illegal gathering outside Amahoro National Stadium on Monday morning, Police Spokesperson John Bosco Kabera said.

Greff Schoof Career

Gregg Schoof, a Baptist, has been operating in Rwanda since 2003, mainly through his church and a radio station, Amazing Grace FM, which was shut last year over a sermon that called women “evil” and “prostitutes”. Pastor Gregg Ryan Schopf is a retired statesman in America. The Amazing Grace radio touches the back of the broadcast and crashes into a giant gutter in a pile of rubbish that pushes away the deer and smells the ground.

Greff Schoof Investigation

“The Police have handed him to Rwanda Investigation Bureau for further investigations,” he said. Schoof had his FM radio station’s license revoked by Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) in April last year over failure to comply with the regulator’s sanctions arising from a controversial sermon that denigrated women.

Greff Schoof Son

He was arrested with one of his sons, who was not named, at the start of a press conference at which he planned to read out a statement slamming the government’s “heathen practices”.

Greff Schoof Crimes

“Christian radio illegally closed, 7,000 churches illegally closed, condoms are promoted to children in schools which promotes filth,” the press release read.

He also criticized the teaching of evolution in schools and the easing of restrictions on abortion, adding: “Is this government trying to send people to hell?”

Greff Schoof

Schoof has previously questioned the freedom of expression in Rwanda, our correspondent says.

Why Greff Schoof Arrested

“We arrested Greff Schoof Schoof and handed him over to the Rwanda Investigative Bureau,” police spokesman John Bosco Kabera told AFP news agency.

“He was arrested for holding an illegal meeting with journalists in a public space. It is illegal to hold meetings in public spaces without authorization.”

The American preacher could not hold his press conference. Just as he was about to begin his news briefing, Kagame’s security grabbed Schoof. He was charged with “convening an illegal gathering attracting many onlookers”, which is unacceptable and punishable under the law in Kagame’s police state. Schoof was arrested together with his son.

More about Greff Schoof

The Rwandan Police (RNP) on this 7th March 2019 let Greff Schoof fall in his arms and support in the knee to the Mbere man by Stade Amahoro I Remera, in Kigali County.

In her bid, CP Jean Bosco Kabera has come to TNT for this post to be published, which has been rejected by the Uhugenzacyaha Ministry of Justice (RIB) for its lack of support.

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