Who is James Clanton? charged in the killing of a college student : Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

James Clanton Wiki

A 62-year-old Florida James Clanton truck driver has been arrested and charged in the killing of a college student working as an intern for a Denver radio station nearly 40 years ago.

James Clanton Age

He is 62 years old.

James Clanton Charged in the killing of a college student

Helene Pruszynski, 21, was found stabbed in a field on Daniels Park Road on January 16, 1980. Investigators believe she was kidnapped near Union Avenue while walking home from her internship. James Curtis Clanton of Lake Butler has been extradited to Colorado.

Police Investigation

Police uploaded the DNA to GEDmatch.com and found several possible distant relatives. Two of the best parties then authorized researchers to access their family trees on Ancestry.com After eliminating several relatives, the researchers focused on Clanton and went to Florida to obtain a surreptitious DNA sample. They tried a beer mug that was seen using in a bar, which led to charges.