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Joseph McCann Wiki

The evil sexual beast Joseph McCann spent his childhood stealing, setting cars on fire and terrorizing his terrified neighbors. So violent were he and his brothers that he became one of the first in Britain to receive an ASBO, with only 14 years. The trio conducted an intimidation campaign in their impoverished state of Manchester during the 1990s.

Joseph McCann Past Criminal Reports

Details of McCann’s criminal past can be reported for the first time today after he was convicted of 37 charges related to 11 victims, including eight violations, false imprisonment, and kidnapping. The convicted thief, who had been released after an error in the probation service, faced cocaine and vodka, kidnapped, raped and assaulted victims aged 11 to 71 in Watford, London, and the northwest. McCann, who now faces a life sentence, changed his appearance and moved through five areas of the police force while evading the police for 15 days despite telling his first victim his last name.

But McCann, his elder brother Sean and younger brother Michael have been striking fear into locals for years.

One told MailOnline: ‘They were a horrible family, absolutely vile – the scum of the earth.’

The brothers became notorious in 1999 when they were given the first ASBO and left the defiant court. Looking at the cameras, McCann and his brothers, Sean, 16, and Michael, 12, were seen screaming and smiling. McCann grew up on the Beswick estate in Manchester, a private area of ​​the city that has now been torn down.

Born in 1985, Richard’s son, a Scottish builder, and Margaret, a mother with ties to the traveler community, grew up with a fierce temper and struggled to control his anger. He and his brothers stole for sport and threatened anyone who got in their way. At age 11 he had his first brush with the police and was convicted in 1998 for robbery.

So prolific was the three boys stealing that when they were finally banned from the estate the following year, takings at the local shops increased by £14,000 a week.

McCann was in and out of prison until 2008 when armed with a knife, he broke into the home of a frail 85-year-old man in Bedford.

When McCann was jailed in 2008, his girlfriend was pregnant with his second child. They already had a very young child. It is believed that his name was “Bobbie” and it was this name that had been tattooed on the stomach. McCann spent the next 11 years in prison before being released, imprisoned again in 2018 and then released earlier this year for his devastating two-week attack. It was a marked change of brutality for a man who until this year has focused on carrying out violent robberies. After their years in and out of prison, it is believed that the McCann family finally moved from Wealdstone forever about six or seven years ago. Another neighbor said: ‘I breathed a sigh of relief when they did. They used to throw bricks at anyone.
‘There used to be a brick wall outside your home. But they took out all the bricks to throw them at the people. ‘If you told them something, they would threaten to hit you. There were two older children and a small one. They were really horrible. ‘The boys were always in the street. There was no way to avoid them. Everyone knew the McCanns. But there was nothing we could do. ‘They were part of a gang. His house was like his headquarters. ” Always close to his brothers, McCann was deprived after Sean, 32, killed himself in Peterborough Prison in 2016 while serving a two-year assault sentence.

Joseph McCann’s Family & parents

Today, McCann’s parents live in a modest semi-detached bungalow on the outskirts of Aylesbury.

His father, Richard McCann, drives a 2019-plate 4×4 Ford Kuga car which is often parked on a driveway by the front door.

A sign on the wall warns visitors; ‘Beware of the wife.’

Part of a trailer lies on the driveway while a mobile home is parked in the garden behind a high wooden fence.

The semi-detached property is guarded by security cameras.