Who is Kim Schiller Hume ? (Brit Hume’s Wife) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Kim Schiller Hume Wiki

Kim Schiller Hume is the wife of the conservative television commentator and political commentator Brit Hume. On Tuesday morning, March 3, 2019, Hume published a screenshot of the betting odds in the primary elections showing former Vice President Joe Biden as the 2020 Democratic candidate, ahead of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt. ). However, Twitter users were more excited about an open browser tab that said “Sexy Vixen Vinyl.”

Kim Schiller Hume Career

Schiller was a former executive on Fox News before his retirement in 2006. During that time, Kim was at the canal office in Washington D.C. The couple married in 1993. The couple first met while Kim worked as a producer for ABC News and Hume was a talent on the air. He retired from the media in 2007 after working in newsrooms in Washington D.C., San Francisco and Atlanta. She was previously the producer of “World News Tonight with Peter Jennings”. Kim graduated from California State University in San Francisco.

Kim Schiller Hume Addiction Problems

Kim told the Balcony of Boca Raton in 2017 that at the end of his teens and early twenties, he suffered serious addiction problems. Kim told the newspaper: “I’m lucky to be alive. During my darkest hours, I was sure that I would end up in the streets as an absolute failure, or dead, or probably both in that order. “Kim said she started drinking” long before I was under stress. I was a teenage alcoholic. ” Inspiring, Kim adds that despite her daily struggle, she has been sober for 30 years. Kim said she lived as a functional alcoholic. During this time, Kim won an Emmy for a news about the Gulf War. Kim said this time: “And the irony of that was that I totally ruined the story he won. He was poorly conceived and executed horribly. I was disintegrating, so I ran to the editing room and struggled to do something good despite my mistakes … and that piece won a prize. ” Kim is featured as a speaker on the Celebrity Mental Health Speakers website. A review says: “She speaks from the heart and her honest and close testimony about her personal life is exciting. Its incredible history and easy way will captivate the public. ”

Kim Schiller Hume Residence

According to numerous profiles on the Humes divide their time between Virginia and Boca Raton, Florida. Kim told the Boca Beacon in 2017 that she spends the majority of her time playing golf, attending yoga and pilates classes, as well as doing Bible study. Kim said, “I knit golf club headcovers for the Woman’s Club and they sell them at their silent auction fundraiser gala every year. Learning about the Bible is a fascinating journey for me. It’s where we get our morals and ideals.”

Kim Schiller Hume is Born Again

Shortly after winning his battle against sobriety, Kim became a born-again Christian. She is quoted on the Billy Graham website, saying, “I asked God to please kill me. I said,” I can’t do this anymore, and I don’t see any way out, and could you just please, please, take me? “And the message I received was:” No “. Kim maintains a biblical blog, Vine and Branch. In the biography section of that blog, Kim writes: “I started studying the Holy Bible when I retired. In 2019 I read the Bible from beginning to end for the tenth time. I think it’s a remarkable intellectual journey and I feel moved to share my trip again in 2020. ” While Hume has said that he began accepting Jesus Christ in his life when his son took his own life in 1998.