Who is Molly Lixey ( Viral Tiktok Video) Wiki,Bio, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who is Molly Lixey ( Viral Tiktok Video) Wiki,Bio, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Molly Lixey Wiki

Molly Lixey, a registered nurse in Dallas, Texas, made a TikTok video of an experiment she did to show her three-year-old son how germs stick to our hands and how washing them with soap removes them.

To stop the spread of the coronavirus, many states are under orders to stay home, and travel restrictions limit where you can go. But that doesn’t mean that many well-meaning people don’t end up exposing themselves to germs without realizing it. On a recent trip to the grocery store, Molly Lixey, a former emergency room nurse in Saginaw, Michigan, told CNN that she noticed a lot of people wearing gloves, which she thought was great.

Molly Lixey Viral Video

A video posted by a former Saginaw, Michigan, emergency room nurse on Facebook explains the concept of cross contamination. In her 3-minute, 22-second video posted to Facebook on March 31, Molly Lixey uses paint to simulate the presence of germs. She demonstrates how once you have paint, or germs, on your hands and start touching your phone, your face, or anything else around you, once sterile surfaces are no longer sterile. And by retouching these surfaces, even with clean hands, you’re helping them migrate and spread.

Her general message? “There’s no point in wearing gloves if you’re not gonna wash your hands every time you touch something,” she said in the video.

That’s because whatever gets on the gloves would migrate to the phone if someone picked it up. Then unless the person disinfects the phone, the germs on it would travel to his or her hand once the gloves were off and the person touched the device.

Lixey currently works inside an infusion clinic at a doctor’s office. She said if the virus continues to spread in her area more, she will go back to working in a hospital setting.

She isn’t the only one taking to social media to educate on the importance of understanding how germs spread.

In the video, Earls’ son dips his finger into a bowl of pepper sprayed water on top. When you take your finger out, it’s covered in pepper, simulating how germs cling to your skin. Then he pumps a little soap onto a clean finger and when he dips it into the bowl, the pepper falls off his finger. Earls said she is happy to pass the experiment on to other parents and that the visual lesson worked for her son. In fact, now your child wants to do the ‘hand washing trick’ every time they go through a sink.


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