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Naomi Seibt Wiki

Naomi Seibt is a 19-year-old German YouTuber and a climate activist. Naomi Seibt’s mother, Karoline Seibt, works as a lawyer for politicians of the right-wing populist party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). Naomi has repeatedly appeared with well-known extremists and officials of these identities in public and has participated in his marches.

Naomi Seibt Age

She is 19 years old.

Naomi Seibt Education

Naomi attended St. Mauritz Elementary School. Seibt, Sophie Atzpodien and Sibylla Heckmann of St. Mauritz Elementary School won third place with their physical contribution, how can you optimize a fuel cell and thus drive a vehicle in an environmentally friendly way?, In ” Schüler experience ”

Naomi Seibt vs. Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is known for mobilizing the public — especially youth — to listen to climate science and to work together to fight the climate crisis. Heartland Institute is trying to get Naomi to do the same thing for the right. (The right often receives funding and support from the fossil fuel industry, which is why right-wing politicians tend to be anti-climate science.) Heartland is trying to position Naomi as the anti-Greta so much that in December, Heartland posted a YouTube video titled “Naomi Seibt vs. Greta Thunberg: Whom Should We Trust?”

The video compared footage of Greta’s passionate “how dare you?” speech given in September at the UN in New York City with footage of Naomi speaking. In the video, Naomi makes it clear that she is a climate science skeptic — but not a climate denier. In one video interview, Naomi explains that she hates the term climate denier, “especially as a German. It is so rude to refer to someone as a climate denier because obviously there is a connection to the term ‘holocaust denier,’ which carries a lot of weight in Germany.” Yeesh.

It’s true that Naomi is not entirely denying the climate science — she is more so saying that people reading climate science has led to too much climate consciousness and fear about the world ending, and that the future of our planet is not actually as bad as it seems. And perhaps by framing her extreme views as moderate, Heartland thinks she will be able to appeal to moderates and the right.

Why Is Naomi Seibt the “Anti-Greta Thunberg”?

Another phrase that Naomi is not a fan of is “anti-Greta”, although that is exactly how Heartland frames it. “The reason I don’t like the term anti-Greta is that it suggests that I am an indoctrinated puppet, I guess, on the other side,” he said, according to WaPo. “That sounds a bit mean, really … I don’t want to embarrass her in any way.”

Although Naomi says she doesn’t want to embarrass Greta, her comment implies that she thinks Greta is an “indoctrinated puppet.” There is a bit of irony there, considering that Naomi is the one who works for a group of experts, and Greta is a free agent. Not to mention that Naomi posted a YouTube video called “Anti-Greta or Pro Human?” just last week; She also often uses phrases that Greta has used: she made a YouTube video called “How dare you?” as a nod to Greta’s speech, and another called “I want you to think” as a play in Greta’s quote “I want you to panic.

Naomi Seibt YouTube

On May 24, 2019, Naomi started a YouTube channel that features short videos in German and English. She shares her thoughts on climate change and other issues. She has more than 52,000 subscribers on YouTube. According to YouTube, his most watched video, titled Climate Change … Hot Air Only ?, has more than 180,000 views. The canal has more than 1,218,369 views.