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Nobuhiko Obayashi Wiki – Nobuhiko Obayashi Bio

Obayashi was born on 9 January 1938 in the city of Onomichi, Japan. He was the eldest son of a father who was one in a long paternal line of medical doctors. Obayashi was a Japanese director, screenwriter and editor of films and television advertisements, well known for his surreal visual style. He began his career as a pioneering figure in Japanese experimental film during the 1960s before transitioning to directing more mainstream works such as television and feature films. He was most commonly known for being the director of the 1977 cult hit House, but he made numerous other films in his filmmaking career spanning almost 60 years. He was notable for his distinct experimental and psychedelic filmmaking style, as well as the anti-war themes commonly embedded in his films.

Nobuhiko Obayashi Age

He was 82 years old.

Nobuhiko Obayashi Career

Ôbayashi subsequently directed nearly 50 feature films throughout his career, including The Visitor in the Eye, Take Me Away!, The Little Girl Who Conquered Time, The Deserted City, Lonelyheart, The Drifting Classroom, The Discarnates, Turning Point, I Want to Hear the Wind’s Song, The Last Snow, The Reason, Seven Weeks and most recently, Labyrinth of Cinema.

Following his departure from the university, Obayashi continued to work on his experimental films while earning a living as a director in the new field of television advertisements. Obayashi’s TV commercials had a visual appeal similar to that of his experimental works. In the 1970s he began a series of Japanese ads featuring well-known American stars such as Kirk Douglas and Charles Bronson. Obayashi began directing feature films starting in 1977 with the horror-comedy House. The film employed a mixture of trick photography and avant-garde techniques to achieve its distinctive, surreal visuals, and has gone on to be considered a cult classic. It earned Obayashi the Blue Ribbon Award for Best New Director and has been ranked among the greatest Japanese films ever made. Through the 1980s and onwards he continued to make feature films and broadened his mainstream appeal. He has become particularly well known for his coming-of-age movies: films such as Exchange Students (1982) and Chizuko’s Younger Sister (1991) have prominent coming-of-age themes while still maintaining surreal fantasy elements and Obayashi’s distinct visual flair.

Nobuhiko Obayashi Death & Cause

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