Who is Patryk Hrymak Cyber Raped wiki, Bio, Age

Who is Patryk Hrymak Wiki – Bio

He was an employee of Croydon University Hospital. An NHS phlebotomist of Croydon University Hospital has been jailed after he blackmailed eight Grindr matches by threatening to send their nude images to friends and family. will spend two years and four months behind bars after pleading guilty to eight counts of blackmail and two counts of disclosing private sexual photographs with intent to cause distress, in November last year. Patryk Hrymak Wikipedia

Patryk Hrymak Age

Patryk Hrymak age is 27 Years

Patryk Hrymak Job

Patryk Hrymak Job involves drawing blood from patients for diagnosis. He was an employee of Croydon University Hospital.

Patryk Hrymak sexual harassment

would send nude photos to the men, Encouraging coming patients to do the same, before demanding money in return for not sharing the explicit images in an attack one man described as ‘cyber rape’.

His victims included a banking auditor, private bank’s IT boss, university admissions officer, project manager, and several student nurses.

Patryk Hrymak Court Findings

Sentencing him to a lengthy spell behind bars yesterday August 21 2019, Croydon Crown Court Judge Deborah Charles told tearful Hrymak: ‘As a man who says he was bullied over his sexuality as a youth you were well placed to appreciate the consequences of gay men being ‘outed’ when it was not something they wanted to do.

‘Yet, you contacted these victims on Grindr and sent naked photographs of yourself to build up a rapport.

You encouraged them to send naked pictures of themselves to you and blackmailed them by threatening to send the pictures to their family and friends.

‘This has had a significant impact on your victims and blackmail is regarded as a nasty offense.’

Using the alias ‘Thomas’, Hrymak continued communicating with the men via Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, giving him access to their contacts.


‘He would ask to borrow small amounts, of money, thirty, forty or fifty pounds, which they all refused and then threatened to pass on the naked photos he obtained,’ said prosecutor Shekinah Anson.

‘To back this up he sent screenshots to prove he still had the images, plus screenshots of the victims’ online contacts.’

Phlebotomist would demand money in return for not sharing the images online. (Grindr logo)

Patryk Hrymak With banking auditor

Hrymak met and had sex with the banking auditor, who gave him £20, but refused any more when blackmailed. He said the ‘traumatic’ episode left him ‘scared and afraid’.

Patryk Hrymak With IT Boss

The IT boss suffered panic attacks as a result and says he felt ‘sick to my stomach’ and ‘nauseous’ at having naked pictures sent to two female friends, describing the ordeal as being ‘cyber raped’.

Patryk Hrymak with Project Manager

The openly gay project manager said the blackmail was an attempt at a return to the attitudes of the 1950s when the shame of sexuality could be exploited.

One victim did transfer £110 to Hrymak. ‘He paid that out of fear these pictures would be sent to family and friends,’ added Ms. Anson.

‘He is ashamed of his actions,’ said Chris Johnston, defending. He said Hrymak, a respected employee at Croydon University Hospital, fell into £7,500 debt financing an expensive cannabis habit.

‘He was not motivated by a desire to ‘out’ these people, but just to send them naked images.’


Fast Facts You Must Need To Know

  • Patryk Hrymak, 27, was jailed for two years and four months for the blackmail 
  • Croydon University Hospital worker threatened to send explicit images to family
  • He would demand money in a vicious attack that one victim said was ‘cyber rape’