Who is Philippa Ashford? Killed By Gunshot, Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Philippa Ashford Wiki

Ms. Ashford was an award-winning psychiatric nurse at the Menninger Clinic in Houston and was named one of the Texas Nurses Association District 9’s Top 25 nurses in 2015.

Philippa Ashford Age

She was 61 years old.

Philippa Ashford Life & Career

Ashford worked as a nurse manager for the Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Service at the Menninger Clinic, a mental health center in southwest Houston. Known as “Phil,” Ashford was certified by the board in psychiatric nursing, with experience in motivational interviews, mentalization-based therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and community integration. In 2015, Ashford received the 25 Best Outstanding Nurses Award from District 9 of the Texas Nurses Association. She was also an assistant professor at the Center for Health Sciences at the University of Texas at Houston and a member of the Nursing Honor Society Sigma Theta Tau and the Beta Zeta Phi Brotherhood.

Philippa Ashford Shot

The woman, identified as Philippa Ashford, was standing at the end of the driveway while family and friends in the dead-end fired fireworks when she suddenly grabbed her body and said, “I think they shot me.” She collapsed on the floor and died.

Death Investigation

An investigation into Ms. Ashford’s death is underway, while officers search for loose caps and talk to neighbors to determine who may have fired the fatal shot.

Adding to the tragedy, she was killed just hours after Houston Police pleaded with locals not to fire their guns into the air while celebrating New Year’s Eve, warning it is both illegal and highly dangerous.