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Ryan Rodgers, 26, who boasts of being a ‘full-time dad’ on Facebook, has raised £ 3,8000 after moaning, he and his fiance Jenny Grimes, 25, are using food banks to feed to your children after their benefits are limited.

A father of seven “ neglected ” children so broken that he launched a GoFundMe page to raise money to feed his young children is an unemployed alcoholic who will waste money on cigarettes and alcohol, says his own mother-in-law.

But Shelly Grattan, Jenny’s mother, says Rodgers is completely inactive and has never worked a day in her life.

Speaking to MailOnline, Ms. Grattan said: “ Ryan is a reckless liar who is trying to trick the public into giving him money that will throw him out of his throat. ‘No one should give him money since he has a problem with drinking and that’s where everything will go. He will spend everything on alcohol. ‘Anyone who has donated to the GoFundMe page should request a refund. He is cheating the public with a sad story that is not true.

Mr. Rodgers and his partner appealed to the public for cash help saying

Mr. Rodgers and his partner requested help from the public in cash saying they rely on food banks and charity brochures to feed their children. They blame their benefit limit for their problem and say that before it was applied in 2013 they used to receive £ 2,100 a month in financial support. But with the current limit, they now only receive £ 699.50 per month at Universal Credit after their rent is deducted. The couple said they were ‘ashamed’ to launch a public appeal for money, but they say they have no other choice. Mrs. Grimes’ family says they are talking to prevent others from making more donations.

His sister, Jo Jo Grimes, describes Mr. Rogers, son of a police sergeant, as “reckless and shy.” “He hasn’t done an honest work day since he left school,” he said. ‘He leaves the house at 10 in the morning and returns late at night with his head drunk. He has a big problem with drinking and also spends most of his benefit money on the grass. ‘Jenny left him once about four years ago, but they were together again. It’s just bad news and the public should not fall into their sad history. Mrs. Grimes denied that her partner had ever taken drugs.

Among them, the couple’s children are between nine months and seven years old: Ellie, seven, six-year-old twins Kenzie and Kelsie, Laysie, four, Archie, two and their youngest twins: Tobie and Rylie. Mr. Rodgers and Mrs. Grimes met when he was already eight months pregnant with his first child, according to his mother. They said he has had so many children because Rodgers refuses to allow him to use contraceptives. His mother-in-law, 46, continued: ‘I don’t think any of the children have been planned.

‘Jenny was still at school when she met him and was pregnant by another man.

‘They moved in together and she has been pregnant almost all the time.’

‘She is just tied to the kitchen sink and none of us can work out why she wants so many children.

‘He and the family are always moving around the country and its to keep one step ahead of social services. He also owes money to drug dealers for his weed.

‘No one should fall for his sob story. It just is not true and I wish my daughter would leave him but she doesn’t because of the kids.’

On the fundraising page, the couple wrote: ‘We are a young couple with seven children trying to recover after becoming homeless and having to start over from scratch. “We have limited the benefits to a minimum and we are really struggling to survive.”