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Ryan Sharpe Wiki

An East Feliciana parish jury found Ryan Sharpe guilty of first-degree murder after prosecutors convinced jurors that he was not crazy when he shot dead a 48-year-old man who was cutting herbs in his patio, one of four shootings, three of them. fatal, he is accused of being in two parishes. The ruling came on Friday afternoon after a week’s trial in Clinton against Sharpe, 38, who told authorities after his arrest in October 2017 that the government ordered him to commit the murders.

Ryan Sharpe Age

He is 38 years old.

Ryan Sharpe Charged

He was charged with the first-degree murder in the shooting death of Brad DeFranceschi in October 2017. The second-degree murder charge against Sharpe in the shooting death of Thomas Bass in July 2017 and the attempted first-degree murder in Buck Hornsby’s wound in September 2017 is still pending.

Ryan Sharpe shooting death of former BREC Commissioner Carroll Breeden Sr.

Sharpe also faces a second-degree murder charge at East Baton Rouge Parish in the September 2017 shooting death of former BREC commissioner Carroll Breeden Sr. The shooting occurred within a seven-mile radius of Sharpe’s house and put the Bluff Creek area to the limit for weeks in the summer and fall of 2017. Many of the men were working in the garden when they were shot in full light of the day

Sharpe’s defense attorney argued that his client does not remember shooting the men. He said Sharpe suffered from a major mental disorder. He pleaded not guilty because of insanity, which put the burden on the defense to prove to the jury that Sharpe could not distinguish right from wrong. But prosecutors argued that Sharpe had planned to surrender to the authorities and present that plea to avoid criminal responsibility. Psychiatrists who evaluated Sharpe and finally considered him fit for trial, testified this week that they had serious doubts that he has a mental disorder or problems with his memory.