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Sara Brady, 40, was arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor trespassing. Following Brady’s arrest, there were protests being held at Meridian City Hall. Social media posts indicate the woman was initially arrested during a peaceful protest at Kleiner Park.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation explained on its website that Brady and other parents had been participating in a “playdate protest” against staying at Governor Brad Little’s home. The state order went into effect on March 25 and is currently expected to last until April 30.

Sarah Brady Age

He is 40 years old.

Sarah Brady and other parents gathered at Kleiner Park

Sarah Brady and other parents met at Kleiner Park in Ada County, Idaho on April 21. The play area had been closed to the public due to coronavirus concerns. According to the Meridian Police Department, the playground had been cordoned off with caution tape and there were signs directing people not to use the equipment. But police said they observed that the signs and tape had been removed. Officers responded to the park after receiving “several calls to the Ada County Office,” according to the press release.

Sarah Brady Posted a Facebook Video

Brady’s arrest was recorded on a cell phone and posted on Facebook Live, but the entire video has since been removed. KTVB-TV reported that in the original video, officers were filmed telling Brady and others that they were allowed on the grass and sidewalks, but that the game set was closed. Brady repeatedly asked why they were not allowed to be there.

In a shorter clip that has circulated on social media, which is embedded above, an officer was seen asking Brady to leave the playground as she insisted they were not invading.

The officer said, “Get out of the playground now. I’m really trying to be nice to this. “Brady finally turned his back on the officer and said,” Arrest me for being difficult. Do it! Record it! The person recording the video was heard saying, “Officer, you don’t want to do that.” Brady asked at least twice if she was being arrested or detained. Then she instructed her friends, “Someone call the Idaho Freedom Foundation right now and put them on the phone.” KTVB-TV also reported that a Meridian city employee asked Brady if he had planned the confrontation with the police. Were they organized to do this? So all of you showed up at once? Brady did not answer the question, according to the television station.

Sarah Brady Arrested

Sarah Brady was arrested around 4 p.m. April 21. Inmate records show that she was incarcerated around 5 p.m. and released two hours later. Records indicate that she issued a bond. The Idaho Freedom Foundation wrote on its website that Brady had been participating in a “playdate protest at Kleiner Park in Meridian.” The organization did not explicitly state whether the protest had been planned by a specific group or if it was more spontaneous.