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Stevie Branch Wiki

Stevie Branch was born in 1984, on November 28. He is known to be one of the victims in the Robin Hood Hills child murder case and is one of three. Steven was called as Stevie by his beloved parents Pamela Hicks Hobbs, Steven Branch Sr. and also his friends. When he died, he was only in second grade and used to study at Weaver Elementary School which is located in West Memphis in AR. He was a good student and he also had many friends and was nice to everyone, including his classmates. Steven was a pretty happy personality and had blonde hair and a very friendly nature too.

Stevie Branch Age

He is 8 years old.

Stevie Branch  Family

He also had a stepfather named Terry Hobbs and also a stepsister named Amanda Hobbs. Amanda was younger than Terry. Steven received a new bicycle from his grandfather shortly before he was killed and in 1993, on May 5, he was with his mother and stepsister, while returning home from school. In the afternoon, Pam, her mother, used to work at the local restaurant called Catfish Island. Steven was out until 4.30 p.m. M. As allowed by her mother for a bike ride with her friends. However, he did not return home until later, so his mother, along with Terry Hobbs, went to work assuming he will be back soon.

Stevie Branch Murder

Stevie was discovered murdered on the afternoon of May 6, 1993. The last known sighting of Stevie occurred at approximately 7:00 p.m. by Chris Wahl. Wahl was polygraphed in connection with the murders and cleared. Stevie’s body was found in a drainage ditch, naked and tormented in a peculiar way. The hogtie used to tie all three children was not a traditional hogtie since the right wrist was tied to the right ankle, leaving a good amount of slack. The same was done on the left side. Stevie was found very close to Christopher Byers in the ditch that meets the ten mile swamp.


At the time of Stevie’s disappearance, Terry Hobbs claimed that he had not seen Stevie at any time on May 5, 1993. In 2009, three separate statements were taken from Deborah Moyer, Jamie Clark Ballard, and Brandy Clark Williams in which the women claimed that I have observed Terry calling Stevie to the Hobbs family residence at approximately 6:30 pm on May 5, 1993. The family did not make a statement to the police immediately after the killings, alleging that they did not feel the information was relevant to the case. These statements have been presented as part of a defense of real Innocence by Damien Echols. The statements can be found at the following location:

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