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Tessa Majors Wiki

Tessa Majors Bio: She was a talented freshman at Barnard College who was stabbed to death in a horrible sequence of events in Manhattan. He managed to get to the school security booth while he was injured, but it was empty. She is the daughter of a novelist and writing teacher and was a budding journalist who played in two bands. Barnard College is located at 3009 Broadway in New York City.

TESSA Majors Age

She was 18 years old.


Police say “a group of suspects approached Majors and demanded his property before stabbing her several times.” According to the Columbia Spectator, A security guard called 911 at 5:36 p.m. on December 11, 2019, after finding Majors “unconscious with multiple stabs.” ABC7 journalist CeFaan Kim wrote on Twitter: “A group of suspects stole an 18-year-old Barnard College student who was stabbed to death. He managed to climb wounded stairs from Morningside Park, collapsed in front of the school’s security booth, empty when the guard made rounds. Found 30 minutes later. Too late.”

According to ABC7’s story, “The booth was empty at the time as the guard was making his rounds. He found the woman there when he returned and called 911.”


Tessa’s father is Inman Majors, a professor at James Madison University in Virginia and a novelist. “Majors is a novelist originally from Knoxville, TN who is now a professor of creative writing at James Madison University,” says a press release about Inman. “His novels include:‘ Swimming in the Sky, “” Wonderdog, “” The Millionaires, “” Love’s Winning Plays, “and the recently released” Penelope Lemon: Game On. “” Tessa’s mother’s name is Christy. ” She also has a younger brother. Her father wrote on Facebook that “she took (her brother) under her wings from day one, and loved, supported and included in all the games she played.”


There are some clues in the murder. ABC7 reported that Tessa’s downloaded phone was found on a sidewalk, and a woman’s hat and a “closed gravity knife” were found in the park. It was reported that a suspect was wearing a green jacket and, according to ABC7, police found a robbery suspect similarly dressed earlier in the day, and found a blood trail in a place where he hangs out. It is still being investigated if that suspect is linked to Majors’ death.