Who is Vince Gilmer ( Ex Doctor Killed His Father) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Who is Vince Gilmer ( Ex Doctor Killed His Father) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Vince Gilmer Wiki – Vince Gilmer Bio

Vince Gilmer son of 57 years old Dalton Gilmer, Gilmer had lived in Fletcher, North Carolina, which is outside of Asheville. Vince Gilmer A former doctor from North Carolina

Vince Gilmer Age

Vince Gilmer is 41 years old.

Vince Gilmer Killed His Father Dalton Gilmer

Vince Gilmer killed his father and dumped his mutilated body in Virginia wants to be transferred to a psychiatric hospital.

Vince Gilmer Early Life

Vince Gilmer, 57, has been serving a life sentence for the 2004 murder at the Marion Correctional Treatment Center in southwest Virginia. Gilmer’s attorneys sent the transfer request to Governor Ralph Northam because Gilmer suffers from Huntington’s disease. Terminal brain disorder can cause poor impulse control and starts and progressively worsens.

Dalton Gilmer Body Was Found

The body of his father, Dalton Gilmer, was found in southwestern Virginia with rope burns and the fingers and thumbs cut off.

Vince Gilmer Arrested

He was arrested two days later in Asheville, North Carolina after a bystander spotted him in a Lowe’s parking lot. At the time of the arrest, police described the murder as one the county’s “most gruesome” in recent memory. However, the case did not meet the requirements for seeking the death penalty in Virginia.

Police Investigation

On June 28, 2004, Dr. Vince Gilmer, 41, reviewed his father, Dalton Donald Gilmer Jr., 60, from Broughton Hospital, a mental institution in Morganton, North Carolina. Vince Gilmer was unable to pay for his father’s care, piling up more than $ 270,000 in debt, according to the Bristol Herald Courier articles. The following day, a motorist discovered Dalton Gilmer’s body off Good Hope Road in Washington County. He had strangled marks around his neck and his fingers had been surgically removed to his palms. Police identified Dalton Gilmer after discovering his name written on the inside of his shorts and searching the missing person databases. They obtained Vince Gilmer’s contact information from the missing person’s report and traveled to North Carolina to interview him.

Washington County Sheriff’s Detective Mike Martin said Gilmer’s claims simply did not match. “You are seeing a day and a half, almost two days. Now, between 36 and 48 hours later, he denounces him as missing,” said the detective. Newman discovered that Vince Gilmer had ties to the area and practiced at a medical clinic located less than five miles from where authorities found his father’s body. Shortly after police confiscated various items from Gilmer’s home and office, he fled.

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