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Stella Morris is from South Africa and her real last name is Sara González Devant. She is best known as Julian Assange Wikileaks’ fiancee. Stella Morris has just announced that she and Julian Assange have been romantically involved for years while he was at the Ecuadorian embassy and fathered their two children.

Stella Morris and Julian Assange’s Children

They have two children, Max and Gabriel. The boys are British citizens and have visited Assange while he’s in prison. Their godmothers are the Duchess of Beaufort and British rapper M.I.A., Daily Mail reported.

Stella Morris Age

she is 37 years old.

Stella Morris Early Life

She is from South Africa. She has changed her name from Sara Gonzalez Devant.

Fast Facts You Need To Know

Stella Morris fell in love with Assange five years ago while visiting him
She is South-African born lawyer and changed name from Sara Gonzalez Devant
The couple have been engaged since 2017 and relationship began in 2015
She first visited him while working on legal bid to halt extraditions to the US
First child, Gabriel, was conceived in 2016 before the couple’s engagement
The couple believe US intelligence agencies tried stealing son’s DNA from his nappy
Miss Morris had second son, Max, in February 2019, with birth filmed on a GoPro
Assange was visited in prison by both sons when Max was three months old

Stella Morris and Julian Assange’s Dating

In a video shared by WikiLeaks, Stella Morris said that she and Assange met in 2011 and were romantically together in 2015. WikiLeaks released the video at the same time that the Daily Mail shared an interview with her. “I was at the embassy almost every day and I knew Julian very well, and in 2015 we met,” he said in a video interview. “We fell in love and … this is a person that I … knew well by then … The person that I know the most in this world, and she is extraordinary.” According to the Daily Mail, they got engaged in 2017. Later he said in the video: “I had been at the embassy almost every day and I knew Julian very well and in 2015 we met. We fell in love and … this is a person that … I know more in this world, and he is extraordinary. ”

Julian Assange Health

Miss Morris is revealing her long-term relationship and the existence of her children because she fears Assange’s life is at grave risk if he remains in Belmarsh, where an inmate has already died from Covid-19. She is calling for her fiancé to be released under government plans to free thousands of prisoners to stifle the spread of the deadly virus through the bars. Miss Morris says Assange is doubly vulnerable because she suffers from chronic lung disease exacerbated by her years at the embassy and has mental health problems that become more severe as a result of isolation. She said last night: ‘I love Julian deeply and I really want to marry him. ‘In the past five years I have discovered that love makes the most intolerable circumstances seem bearable, but this is different: I am now terrified of never seeing him alive again. ‘Julian has protected me fiercely and has done everything possible to protect me from the nightmares of his life.