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Alan Azzer Mattocks

Alan Azzer Mattocks Biography

A father-of-three who was hailed as a hero for preventing a woman from jumping off a bridge took his own life just weeks later.

Alan ‘Azzer’ Mattocks, 49, was found dead in the garden of his Stoke-on-Trent home on the morning of July 28 after a night out with his wife.

Alan Azzer Mattocks Age

Alan ‘Azzer’ Mattocks was 49 Years old at the time of suicide

Alan Azzer Mattocks As a Hero Of the previous week

Doorman Alan ‘Azzer’ Mattocks, 49, has been praised as a hero for his actions that successfully reverse the decision of people who want to commit suicide.

He even received a thank-you letter from the police for successfully preventing the woman from jumping and ending their lives.

However, a few weeks later, Mattocks was found dead in his garden due to suicide

Alan Azzer Mattocks Saved Lives

His shocking death came just 19 days after he saved the life of a young woman who had hurdled the railings on a bridge over the A50.

Alan ‘Azzer’ Mattocks, 49, was found dead in the garden of his Stoke-on-Trent home on the morning of July 28. His death came as a massive shock to his friends and family

Alan Azzer Mattocks Social Life

‘He was a devoted family man and a very popular member of the community. More than 50 of us were going to Morocco for his 50th birthday next year.’

Dawn is now urging others who are suffering silently with mental health problems to open up.

She described her husband as someone who would ‘do anything for anyone’ and ‘lived to help people’

Alan Azzer Mattocks Wife

His wife of ten years, Dawn said he’d shown ‘no signs’ of any mental health problems and has urged anyone suffering in silence to get help

His distraught wife Dawn, 46, said: ‘My life has been turned upside down. We did not think he suffered from any mental health problems but there was obviously something.

Alan Azzer Mattocks Family

As well as Dawn, Mr. Mattocks is survived by his mother Ann, brother ‘Nodge’ and three children Amy, Callum and Steph. Amy said: ‘I have lost my fun-loving dad. I called him Pops. He would do anything for me. I miss him terribly.’

Dawn’s sister Liz Pearce, aged 44, added: ‘My children are devastated. We are all heartbroken.

‘It hurts that he could not speak to any of us. If people feel that low they need to talk about their problems.’

Hundreds are expected to attend the funeral of Star Wars fan tomorrow (Weds) with a stormtrooper walking ahead of his coffin.


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