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William Robert Norwood III
William Robert Norwood III

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According to screenshots of the conversation that filed a criminal complaint and an arrest warrant published on Thursday, William Robert Norwood III communicated his plan to four other people in a text on January 5.

A man from South Carolina boasted in a group conversation that he disguised himself as an anti-fascist or antifa, activist during the January 6 Capitol riot, and said he managed to attack officers and steal police equipment, authorities said.

According to the complaint, Norwood wrote, “I am wearing all black”. “I will look just like ANTIFA. I will stand out from everything.”

William Robert Norwood III Arrested

The day after the riots, Norwood posted an update: “It worked … I got rid of things where others were shot or arrested.

“Police shot a female Trump supporter. Then ‘ANTIFA let Trump supporters attack him. I was one of them. I was there. I got that one —,” Norwood continued.

The FBI wrote in the complaint a selfie of Norwood attached to the text “looks like a US Capitol Police tactical vest under a zippered camouflage jacket.”

According to the screenshots, Norwood wrote to the group: “For God’s sake, I bought a nice helmet and armor from a cop and neutralized it. Tell me how it works.”

He claimed he was targeted by officers after he got out of his antifa outfit.

“I fought 4 policemen, they didn’t do anything. They threw pepper at me when I put on my red hat,” Norwood wrote.

In the immediate aftermath of the violence on January 6, baseless conspiracy theories that antifa were somehow behind the riots circulated in social media and conservative media outlets.

FBI officials have repeatedly said that there is no evidence that anti-fascist activists were involved in the riots that killed five people.

T.D., whom the FBI says is Norwood’s brother. identified as condemned him.

“You confessed that you went and accused other people of being. Then you went crazy and blamed others for the same thing you did. The real f — what’s wrong with you?” T.D. texted according to the documents.

Norwood allegedly gave the following reply: “The police who deserved it got it. The cops got exactly what they deserved. The cool ones got help.”

In the complaint, the FBI reported that J.D. A family member of T.D., identified as T.D., warned the agents that T.D. had told her that Norwood had done “terrible things”, including attacking law enforcement in the Capitol Building. T.D. then shared the messages with federal agents.

When the agents interviewed Norwood, he said he and his wife were traveling to Washington, D.C., to attend the Trump rally. According to the FBI, he confessed to being in the Capitol and rotunda after breaking up with his wife.

The FBI claimed that “two US Capitol Police Officers shook people inside and one of the Capitol Police officers told him” I’m on your side. ”

He said he wanted to leave but could not go because of the crowd. The FBI said it was protecting the officers from the attack, and claimed that someone else had taken a police vest from some equipment and put on a vest. He confessed that he took a helmet from the pile and put it on his head.

In the criminal complaint, “Norwood also denied that he attacked law enforcement and claimed that any statements he made in text messages were intended to make Norwood tough.” Said. “Norwood has repeatedly claimed that he was just trying to help law enforcement, not hurt them.”

On January 6, Norwood gave the FBI a photo of him wearing a camouflage jacket near the Washington Monument. The FBI said a man wearing the same clothes and looking like Norwood was recorded in a surveillance video in rotunda.

Norwood faces violent entry and erratic behavior, denial of justice and Congress, theft of government property, and other charges on the Capitol grounds. Efforts to reach him by phone failed Tuesday.