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Yasmine Beasley

Yasmine Beasley Wiki – Yasmine Beasley Bio

Yasmine Beasley is a 23-year-elderly person who assaulted a 70-year-old Mexican-American lady after she was mixed up as Asian on Friday, April 9. Known exclusively by name, casualty Becky was going shopping for food in Los Angeles’ Eagle Rock area.

A police representative told the Los Angeles Times that the 23-year-old was captured on doubt of a genuine case in the assault. The casualty endured various wounds in his face and surprisingly endured a blackout because of the reality.

Yasmine Beasley Attacks an Elderly 70-year-old Mexican Woman

Little is known about the 23-year-old boy except for the fact that he is a black woman. Beasley allegedly attacked the 70-year-old boy while trying to get off the bus after he said it was an anti-Chinese insult. Named simply Becky by her son Pete, the victim was considered Asian by Beasley.

Pete said his mother tried to get off bus 81 on La Loma Road and Figueroa Street in the early hours of Friday, when the attack was triggered by racist turmoil. He was going to the Vons supermarket to shop for his granddaughter.

It was reported that Beasley dragged the victim in front of the bus, while there was no passenger, not even the driver was intertwined. The attack ended after a passenger made a 911 call. Among the injuries, Becky’s nose was broken, her eyes were swollen, and there were numerous bruises and torn pieces of hair.

She was kept in the hospital for 24 hours before she was discharged. His son claims that he still had trouble walking after the terrible attack. She also mentioned that although she is Mexican American, her family is mixed as Asian.

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