Who is YasoJp? (Suspected Shooter) Wiki, Bio, Arrest, Background, Career, Fast Facts You Need To Know


At this point, Papa Esco has not posted any more information about the hitman, whose Instagram advertiser allegedly did not say much either. She currently has two photo captions on her page, and the comments section is blowing up with Lil Esco fans commenting “she will get” for what she did to the viral star.

“Brother, you’ll get that Esco if they’re looking for your ass,” she read in one of the comments. “We hope you enjoy spending the rest of your life in jail,” one Lil Esco fan commented. “They’ll catch you. Have fun rotting in prison,” read another comment. Other reviewers noticed that this is not the same picture or the page shared from Papa Esco’s page. It looks like this is an old account and the suspect disabled his last page after naming it and embarrassed for his alleged crime.

Who shot Lil Esco?

Papa Esco browsed through his Instagram stories on Thursday afternoon, April 7, 2021, asking followers about a young Black man who shot Lil Esco. “If anyone knows where this coward is, please contact the Gwinnett County Police,” she wrote as she shared a photo of the alleged killer, whose Instagram username was YasoJp.

“This boy left my son to die in the streets after he shot him several times,” he wrote, confirming that his son was attacked with guns. An earlier update saw Lil Esco slide a photo of her from the hospital bed with a serum on one arm, a bandage on the other, and some electrodes on her chest. He didn’t look as serious as all his fans were on Twitter, and there seemed to be a bit of confusion. However, Papa Esco revealed all the details of the incident and even selected the suspect the police were looking for.

Lil Esco Health

On Thursday morning, April 7, 2021, Lil Esco visited her Instagram page to share a health update with 1.3 million followers on her Instagram page. “Thank God I am living, I am just starting to walk, I am fine, thanks for all the prayers and messages, I love you all, thank you Jesus,” she wrote. The headline of the photo she shared from her hospital bed looked worn out, but showed her signature bird-turning gesture as she posed for the camera.


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