Who is Yekaterina Mishkina? ( Killed) Wiki, Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

yekaterina mishkina
yekaterina mishkina

Yekaterina Mishkina Wiki – Yekaterina Mishkina Biography

Khabarovsk police major Yekaterina Mishkina was killed by falling from a window after giving evidence against her boss in a case. A Russian police major plunged into his death shortly after testifying against his ex-boss in the criminal extortion case. The body of 37-year-old Yekaterina Mishkina was caught in security cameras lying near an apartment in Khabarovsk city (Russia.liveaumap.com has a screenshot) and apparently fell from the fifth floor. It is said that the security cameras show that they are trying to reach the roof, give up and return to several flights. Unconfirmed reports said that Mishkina testified against an ex-boss who allegedly took money from subordinates. It seems that the extortion case was filed after the former boss retired.

Yekaterina Mishkina Age

Yekaterina Mishkina was 27 year old.

Yekaterina Mishkina Husband & Children

Mishkina was divorced and is survived by a 14-year-old daughter, according to Todaykhv’s source.


According to the Dvnovosti.ru news website, it was unclear who or what he was after, before plunging into the death of Mishkina, who was in civil society, from the fifth floor window. Dvnovosti and Gubernia.com news website reported that security cameras showed Mishkina’s failure to access the building’s loft, followed by several flights landing.

Unverified reports referring to anonymous sources in law enforcement officers say that she witnessed a criminal case against Mishkina’s ex-boss, suspected of being forcibly taken away from her subordinates. He was reported to have testified to him some time before his death. Gubernia reported that after the former boss of Mishkina retired, the authorities filed a criminal extortion case.

Khabarovsk regional police launched an internal audit on the death of Mishkina, adding to the spokesperson Yekaterina Tarasova Gubernia, adding that the investigator was “on vacation” at the time. The Todaykhv.ru point of sale stated that it is an anonymous source close to the investigation, adding that the officials listed a number of important tasks that must be done “up to a certain point” in Mishkina’s wallet.

“This shows that what happened is not spontaneous,” the source said.

Mishkina’s death follows at least five incidents of Russian healthcare workers falling from windows at the height of the coronavirus outbreak this spring as well as two young journalists in 2018-19.