Who is Young Pharaoh? Wiki, Bio, ‘ CPAC’s America Uncanceled, Tweer, Background, Career, Many More Facts You Need TO Know

Young Pharaoh
Young Pharaoh

Young Pharaoh Wiki – Young Pharaoh Bio

Young Pharaoh is a hip-hop artist and online commentator who deals with conspiracy theories. On Monday, February 22, the upcoming US Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), which also includes former President Donald Trump, was dismissed as a panelist for anti-Semitic tweets on ‘America Uncanceled’.

He is a staunch anti-Democrat and often identifies Democratic leaders, including President Biden, with corruption and fraud.

Young Pharaoh Age

He is 27 years old.

Young Pharaoh CPAC’s ‘America Uncanceled’ 

A number of right-wing politicians and conservative strategists will speak at the “America Uncanceled” meeting. The young Pharaoh is known for posting anti-Jewish quotes and conspiracy theories on social media. After the pharaoh was dismissed, he retaliated by tweeting that this act was racist and dictatorial. He added that he would place a $ 50,000 bet to discuss the “best Jewish Rabbi” about his belief that “Judaism is a lie”.

Media Matters, a left-wing media watchdog, explained how the Pharaoh attacked conservative commentator Ben Shapiro for being Jewish in the past. He once tweeted how Judaism is “a complete lie” and “made up for political gain”. He also attacked the Jewish community, calling them “thieves, fake Jews” and said “Israeli Jews do all censorship and pedophilia on social media.”

Young Pharaoh Background

Young Pharaoh aka Pharaoh Aten hails from Buffalo, New York. He describes himself as the wise, philosopher, artist, and CEO of The Aten Nation Inc. in his Twitter bio. He also added the nicknames ‘Teacher / Musician / Warrior’ to his Facebook page. He has approximately 58.4K followers on Twitter, 282K followers on Instagram, and 440K YouTube subscribers.

It constantly publishes content that spreads conspiracy theories about the death of QAnon, Pizzagate, George Floyd, and the latest – how the Covid-19 vaccine can alter a person’s genetic makeup. The website lists a number of videos on scientifically unfounded topics such as genetic reincarnation or “The Science of Alchemy and Geometry”.

He also launched an online portal called Pharaoh Aten University that helps publishers and video publishers “upload, convert, store, manage and publish video content.” A glimpse of Pharaoh’s Twitter feed shows how he sustained conspiracy and racism with repeated posts highlighting his anti-Jewish sentiments.

What have People said on Twitter

Several people on Twitter trolled the “America Uncanceled” incident and said the irony was that Donald Trump and his aides were involved, who were trying to cancel all presidential elections. “Lemme, let’s make this clear…. CPAC’s theme for this year, “AMERICA UNCANCELED” comes 2 months after Republicans and Old Man tried to cancel an entire American Election? “A user wrote.