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Yvonne St Cyr
Yvonne St Cyr

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Yvonne St Cyr of Boise, Idaho, entered Facebook Live while inside the US Capitol during a riot on January 6, 2021. Treasure Valley resident Josiah Colt, accused of the deadly riot at the US Capitol, drew great attention with the events on January 6, but he was not the only one in the Boise area in Washington D.C. that day.

A Boise woman previously accused of trespassing at a local health zone meeting was among those who illegally attacked the Capitol the day Congress sought to confirm President Joe Biden’s electoral victory over former President Donald Trump.

Yvonne St Cyr Live Stream On Facebook

Numerous posts on Facebook by 53-year-old Yvonne St Cyr show that she is one of the hundreds who participated in the uprising. Idahoan filmed herself and shared it all on social media several times while she was photographed in the Capitol.

A Facebook post dated Jan. 6 included the headline “Patriots are at our home” and featured a selfie of St Cyr, and another shot showed several people with an overturned table in a Capitol room.

A Facebook Live video posted on St Cyr’s page shows the crowd of people on the Capitol stairs as others inside the building call for “goggles and gas masks.” After a short while, the camera turns to show St Cyr inside while talking about the need to charge his phone.

“It is very sad because this is America, and Americans are being beaten for wanting to save their country,” St Cyr said live. “Welcome to Communist America …”

Five people died in the riot two weeks before his inauguration, including a Capitol Police officer. Some armed rebels broke through doors, smashed windows, demolished barricades, stole items from the Senate hall and offices, and caused lawmakers to take cover after their evacuation.

Roughly 140 Capitol officers were injured, many of them hospitalized and invaded and attacked by pro-Trump rebels instigated by the former president in a speech. While some of the crowd carried the Thin Blue Line flags promising to support the police, the police were beaten and injured.

When reached for comment, St Cyr said in a Facebook message that he did not want to talk to the Statesman about what happened at the Capitol. Yvonne’s husband, Troy St Cyr, did not respond to a message on Facebook. The pictures posted on his page suggest he was also in the Capitol grounds on January 6, but do not indicate he entered the building.

On December 8, St Cyr was detained by the citizen and later taken into police custody for alleged trespassing at the Central District Health meeting to discuss coronavirus health-safety measures. Board members evaluated a measure that would require the wearing of masks in public and private places throughout the region, comprising the counties of Ada, Boise, Elmore and Valley. The meeting ended prematurely, with hundreds of protesters outside the district building and others coming to the homes of board members.