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Zachary Ames Trudo
Zachary Ames Trudo

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Andy Ngô, the center-right journalist and perennial enemies of Antifa terrorists, said a Google engineer “was arrested in the antifa rebellion in Portland, Ore”.

Ngô described the person as 32-year-old Zachary Ames Trudo. “He was accused of attack, attempted to escape, resisting arrest and more,” he said on Twitter.

Zachary Ames Trudo Arrested

As a virtual monopoly in search traffic, Google has the ability to effectively create and present its own realities to searchers on their platform. While this is something that Google will never accept, it proves that they * changed * the search results during the 2016 elections to make them more favorable for Hillary Clinton and less benevolent to Donald Trump. Of all the political donations made by Google (or more specifically the parent company Alphabet ”), 88% went to Democrats and 12% to Republicans.

As evidenced by a recent arrest, employees of this technology are not your father’s Democrats in control of exactly the information you seek. They are radical. While a single mainstream outlet has not yet reported on arrest, Andy Post, a 32-year-old Google engineer at the Post Millennial, reported that 32-year-old Google engineer Zachary Ames Trudo was arrested in the antifa riot in Portland, which has been going on for 60 days now.

While Portland riots (like others across the country) initially began in response to George Floyd’s death, Floyd’s family quickly condemned violence and plunder. When his brother Terence Floyd spoke to the media for the first time, the rebels said, “What are you doing? You are not doing anything! Because this will not bring my brother back. Of course, pointing out that the anarchists of leftists will use any excuse to create turmoil as a Trojan Horse, probably just points to the obvious.

Anyway, it would be interesting to see how this story looks (or looks) in Google’s search results.