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Who Marty Smith? (Motocross Legend Died) Wiki, Bio, Age, Death, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Marty Smith Wiki – Marty Smith Bio
Motocross legend Marty Smith died at the age of 63. Smith died on April 27 in a buggy accident with his wife, Nancy. Smith and his wife had been married since 1980. The couple had three children together, daughters Brooke and Jillyin, and son Tyler.

Marty Smith Age
He was 63 years old.

Marty Smith Wife Nancy Smith
Prior to their marriage, Nancy Smith, then known as Nancy Sauer, was profiled by Motocross Action magazine in 1976. In the article, Nancy Sauer said that despite her then-boyfriend being known to the world as “Marty,” she said, “He’s just Martin to me.”

Marty Smith Career

Smith retired from the sport at the age of 24 after he suffered numerous injuries including a broken pelvis and a separated shoulder. His last race was at Carlsbad in August 1981.

Smith was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2000. His profile on the hall of fame’s website details his many achievements during his short career. Smith won three national championships, the 1974 and ’75 AMA 125cc and 1977 AMA 500cc motocross championships. The profile called Smith “one of the most stylish riders in motocross history.” The profile also quoted Smith’s mechanic, Dave Arnold, as saying that there were “no bad photos” of the legendary rider. In 1976, Smith earned a bronze medal at the Motocross World Championships.

Smith’s popularity led to him being used in advertising with Honda in the 1970s. His exploits being the face of Honda was the subject of a feature in the January 1976 edition of American Motorcyclist. Smith was quoted in the article as saying of Honda, “They pay good.”

Smith won all of his national championships while racing for Honda. Smith told the magazine that he had already begun to invest his money in property in his home city of San Diego. The same magazine named Smith as “possibly America’s best motocrosser” in September 1976.

Marty Smith Killed
Racer X Online reported that Smith was killed near the California-Arizona border on Glamis Dunes the night of April 27. There are several photos on Smith’s Facebook page showing him with his family on Glamis Dunes wearing dune buggies. In May 2013, Racer X placed Smith at number 13 on his list of the greatest motocross of all time. In that article, Smith was described as the “original superstar of American motocross.” The piece described Smith, a San Diego native, as “a handsome, educated, and extremely talented boy” who “looked more like a surfer than the old stereotype of a leather biker.” Smith graduated from Pointe Loma Senior High School in San Diego. He started his professional career when he was still in his last year of school.

Smith Began Racing at the Age of 13 Under the Influence of His Father
Smith told Moto X Addicts in a December 2019 interview that he started racing on motorcycles at the age of 13 under the influence of his father. Smith’s father, Al, was a firefighter in San Diego. Smith said his father and friends turned street motorcycle bikes into off-road motorcycles. Smith called his father and friends “true pioneers.” During the same interview, Smith talked about what it was like to compete against “adult men” while he was still a teenager. Smith said, “I mean they were all adult males, and they were all riding 125. I would line up at the door against a guy with a big old beer belly and a big beard. It was intimidating, but I wouldn’t look at them and let them knock me down. That way. I was running and I loved riding, having a lot of fun. “