Will President-elect Joe Biden tear down Trump’s border wall?

Donald Trump’s predicted loss in the controversial 2020 elections jeopardized the future of the wall he promised to build along the US-Mexico border to stop the flow of illegal immigration as part of his 2016 presidential campaign. Trump heard a resounding “build the wall” while securing his position in the White House. Work on the wall stalled as Trump faced violent disharmony from Congress. It also faced strong opposition from the courts over financing to build the wall.

The ordered construction works gained momentum this year. While January 2020 saw the wall only 100 miles built, there was a significant increase, according to reports, as 400 miles were built by October. By the end of the year, a 450-mile wall was expected to be built, with funding for further construction.

The Democrats fought Trump’s decision to build the wall, along with Joe Biden, who had promised to halt construction in the past. Now that he is predicted to occupy the White House as President from January 2021, the question is, will he tear down the wall that has already been built? The campaign website said: “Trump has done a relentless attack on our values ​​and our history as an immigrant nation. The obsession with building a wall does nothing to solve security problems while costing billions of dollars to taxpayers. Ports of entry.”

Currently, work on the wall is expected to continue as usual until the end of this year. However, with the future and completion of the wall in the air, Biden administration is expected to take over in January 2021. While Biden is expected to stop construction next year, the question is: I will also order parts that have already been made to be broken down. While Biden’s campaign and the elected President himself strongly condemned the structure, he said he would not destroy the parts that the elected President Donald Trump had built.

In June, Biden said in an interview at the annual virtual conference of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, “There will be no more walls built under my direction.” “I’ll make sure we have border protection, but it will be based on making sure we use high-tech capability to deal with it and at ports of entry – that’s where all the bad things happen.”

Americans took to Twitter after the announcement of Biden’s predicted win to weigh the border crisis. “Biden will quickly overturn Trump’s administrative orders on immigration and restore” capture and release. “Within months, America will face a new major illegal immigration crisis with caravan armies crossing the border,” one user wrote. “You have no idea what a Biden Presidency will bring. Antifa encouraged, Progressives Encouraged. Crises at the border evaporated. Covid was locked up by 2022. The stock market collapsed. Housing Market Collapse. Wars and this is just the beginning,” he wrote. another.

Another tweet: “The election of Biden will cause a humanitarian crisis at the border. The doors will open and our country will be flooded by people who will exploit our immigration system for their own benefit.” Another tweet, “Biden, the first things Harris will do; tear down the WALL and let crime be committed. Go back to China … Own the US. MORE accept bribes. Start a war and profit with insider trading.” … “he tweeted another. “Yes, tear down the wall and tear down this country, Mr. Biden! We desire the ordinary. We want to be like China, Venezuela, Cuba, Somalia, Iran and all the dreamland! Everyone who hates America especially. Let’s do it! @ Ilhan ‘ Let’s make me proud! ”wrote another.

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— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) November 8, 2020

Y’all have no idea what a Biden Presidency will Bring. Antifa emboldened, Progressives Emboldened. Crisis at the border. Jobs evaporated. Covid lockdown until 2022. Stock Market crash. Housing Market Crash. Wars and that’s just the start….

— Reporting From AOCs Gulag #HoldTheLine (@6_OClockShawn) November 8, 2020

With full hearts and steady hands, with faith in America and in each other, with a love of country — and a thirst for justice — let us be the nation that we know we can be.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) November 8, 2020

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